©2019-2020 Balbusso Twins Artists Team
Cover artworks for The Broken Raven and The Good Hawk by Joseph Elliot, Walkers Books USA
A "rich fantasy trilogy" aimed at readers of 10+, set in a pseudo-Britain, during an age of warring clans and devastating plagues. Protagonist Agatha has Down’s syndrome in a world where her condition is unnamed.

Front and back cover
Front and back cover
©2019-2020 Balbusso Twins Artists Team
The Good Hawk cover art has been awarded with important awards in 2020:
- Communication Arts Award of Excellence Illustration Annual 61 2020 Illustration Competition.
- Spectrum 27 Fantastic Art accepted! one of the year's best.
- SI Illustrators 62 book category accepted! Illustrators 62: Part Two Exhibit at The Society of Illustrators NYC.
Thank you so much to Walkers Books for this amazing project!

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