Art “unaccompagnated minors” for #Milionidipassi
Charity Auction Exhibition for Doctors without borders @MSF_ITALIA
curated by Illustri Festival, Base Space, Milan 13-14, 2017.

In show 13 artworks made from italian artists: Anna+Elena Balbusso, Shout, Riccardo Guasco , Matteo Berton, Noma Bar, Simone Massoni, Gianluca Folì, Paolo D'Altan, Marina Marcolin, Guido Scarabottolo, Francesco Poroli, Chiara Dattola, Francesco Bongiorni, Gloria Pizzilli
The fleeing populations, the wars, the poverty, the persecution: the drama of the migrants told through 13 artworks made from italian artists, inspired by the #Milionidipassi campaign for “Doctors without borders".

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