Cover artwork by ©2021 Balbusso Twins @balbusso_twins

The Burning Swift by Joseph Elliott (Shadow Skye, Book Three, Trilogy) Walker Books Us Hardcover – issue 4 Jan. 2022 

A "rich fantasy trilogy" aimed at readers of 10+, set in a pseudo-Britain, during an age of warring clans and devastating plagues. Protagonist Agatha has Down’s syndrome in a world where her condition is unnamed. Agatha, Jaime, and Sigrid must unite the people of Scotia and beyond as war comes to the Isle of Skye. But will betrayal and secrecy be their undoing? The epic final installment of the Shadow Skye trilogy.

 Cover artworks by ©2020-2021 Balbusso Twins
The Broken Raven by Joseph Elliot, second Book
The Good Hawk by Joseph Elliot first book
Walker Books US 2020-2021
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