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The images accompany the following two web-stories for "Men Who Wish to Drown" by Elizabeth Fama and "The Witch of Duva" by Leigh Bardugo. Last February-March 2013 this illustrations have been exhibited in the "Illustrators 55th" Annual Show at the Society of Illustrators in New York.

The art accompanies the original fiction piece "The Witch of Duva", a Ravkan Folk Tale by Leigh Bardugo for "There was a time when the woods near Duva ate girls", we imagined the branches of the trees are imprisoning a girl. Then the forest will eat her. 

The art accompanies the original fiction piece "Men Who Wish to Drown" by Elizabeth Fama for This deathbed letter from a great-grandfather to his great-grandson is cited as the only extant firsthand record of a mermaid encounter in New England waters. Set in The late 1800s in New England. "Man tries to drown, mermaid saves him, he must return to the world of men" web story. 

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