Series of Illustration for USC Dornsife Magazine (University of Southern California). Scientific article "Memory is our brain’s library, the key to our consciousness and identity. Its loss may be triggered by obesity, head injury, even traffic pollution", written By Pamela J. Johnson. Medium: acrylic and digital.
Alzheimer's disease 
"Alzheimer’s disease involves a particular set of changes in the brain that very gradually steal away a person’s memory...”  We imagined a fire that melts the brain. Entire contents of the memory is lost. Without memory, you would not have a mind.

Tunnel, urban pollution....
“External factors, such as high urban pollution, can also adversely affect memory, urban dwellers and drivers....” We represented a driver and behind him a tangle of roads. For representing the brain damage caused by fine particles, we imagined his brain like a black tunnel. 
Learning process
This image is about the learning process: When something new is learned, neurons sprout new synapses and strengthen existing connections. “As a child, how many of you memorized planet names...”
The image is about the general process of memory storage. We imagined the baby's brain like a planet in the universe.
Toothpaste: memorize a name list
Thompson studies the mechanism of memory storage: “Imagine you are walking down a very familiar path. And you envision several weird objects along the path like a 10-foot-tall tube of toothpaste,”

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