Illustrating with Two Souls: The Balbusso Twins Featured in Graphis Journal #377 
Do you know Balbusso Twins Artist Duo? If you want to get to know us, if you already know us but want to know the history of our career, if you want to work with us and you want to know how we work, this is the perfect opportunity! You can read our story with a long interview inside the acclaimed Graphis Journal Magazine issue #377. A quarterly print and digital magazine we hope inspires your creativity! A long Q&A plus images of some of our finest work. You'll learn the celebrations, challenges, and what inspired us along the way. Very honored for this important privilege and recognition to our career. We thank you so much the publisher, B. Martin Pedersen @graphis_inc with all our hearts for this wonderful opportunity! We thank you so much all the great contributors Josh O’Neill, DJ Stout, Gary Cochran, Paul Zakris. Their beautiful quotes within the article fill us with satisfaction and enchant us. Preorder the digital copy now on the store
2018 The New Current UK - book review of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand Folio Society
2018 Yorokobu Magazine Retratos renacentistas al estilo Barbusso Por Mariángeles García
2018 Atlas Shrugged Q&A on Digital Arts Magazine: illustrators The Balbusso Twins on creating art for the 20th century's most controversial novel.
2017 Interview Q&A by Porter Enderson on
2016 Picame Magazine article “Balbusso Twins le gemelle dell'illustrazione" by Andrea Beretta
2016 VAROOM 33 Magazine - Come Together by Derek Brazell
2015 Norman Rockwell Museum Illustration History
2015 article: Premi Chesley, due italiane tra i finalisti.
2015 "Messaggero Veneto" Newspaper. Article "L' Andersen alle gemelle Udinesi Balbusso", May 20, 2015
2015 "Il Friuli" Newspaper. Article "Il ‘Premio Andersen’ in Friuli" by Andrea Ioime, May 19, 2015
2015 "The 24 Hours Sun" Newspaper. Article "Ragåzzi è festa per chi legge" by Armando Massarenti Sunday May 17, 2015
2015 Newspaper article "Gemelle da sogno americano" di Andrea Ioime, Il Friuli Cultura n.10, 13 marzo 2015
2015 Art & Design Magazine New York: Balbusso Q&A interview.
2014 Confidenze magazine Mondadori, by Rossana Campisi
2014 article on DART Design Arts Daily AI-AP by Peggy Roalf
2014 EL PAÍS BLOG CULTURA "ILLUSTRADOS": featured artists Anna+Elena=Balbusso, March 12
2014 ILLUSTRATION VOICE Winter /Volume 22
2013 3x3, The Magazine of Contemporary Illustration, issue 21, 16 pages article. Interview by Max Casalini
2013 “Andersen Magazine”, article “Le scarpe di Charlie” by Walter Fochesato, October 15, 2013.
2013 Artists & Illustrators Magazine UK
2012 Artists & Illustrators magazine UK article "Seeing Double"
2012 ""Le gemelle udinesi "Gold Medal" A New York" by Anna Rosso, Messaggero Veneto
2012 "Anna & Elena Balbusso: storie di successo" by Margherita Antinori, blog
2012 "Two Twins, One Design Career" by Steven Heller, The Atlantic Magazine USA website.
2011 "An Interview with the Balbusso sisters" by Melanie Gradtke, The Folio Society Blog
2011 Il Friuli N.3, article titled "Gemelle d'oro" (Twins Gold), written by Andrea Ioime.
2010 Communication Arts Magazine Design Annual 51 by Bonnie Smetts
2005 "ANNA+ELENA=BALBUSSO ILLUSTRATIONS introduced by Claudio Giumelli, Italo Lupi, Federico Maggioni. Solo Exhibition catalog.
2004 Personae Index ENI, "Anna & Elena Balbusso" by Alessandra Mina
2003 Andersen Magazine by Walter Fochesato

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