The first illustrated version of the Margaret Atwood novel
We made the artworks of The Handmaid's Tale novel in 2011. 

We made the artworks of The Handmaid's Tale novel in 2011. 
This award-winning series of images was the first illustrated version of the Margaret Atwood novel for The Folio Society illustrated edition 2012. It is a constant source of inspiration for many artists. After The Handmaid's tale TV series 2017 the novel became very popular but our red handmaids were born 6 years earlier. In 2012 the prestigious Canadian Applied Arts Magazine rewarded our The Handmaid's Tale artworks with The Illustration Awards of Excellence and dedicated the cover to us! Our series received very important awards including the prestigious Gold Medal of the Society of illustrators of New York, The Award of Excellence from the Communication Arts, The Silver Award from 3x3 Magazine Thanks again!
Special Thanks to Will Novosedlik for including our artworks in the recent article on Applied Arts web
“The frightful prescience of The Handmaid's Tale has found ample expression at the hands of the world's most talented...”
Dystopian novel set in the near future, in a totalitarian theocracy which has overthrown the United States government. The novel tells the story of Offred and her role as a Handmaid. The Handmaids are forced to provide children by proxy for infertile women of a higher social status, the wives of Commanders. They undergo regular medical tests, and in many ways become invisible, the sum total of their biological parts. It explores themes of women in subjugation.  To give a visionary interpretation and to create the right atmosphere for the story, we chose a futurist tone with accentuated perspectives and strong light. We used few colours and with a prevalence of red, black and white. Futurism, Russian Constructivism and fascist-period design were our references. It was important to have a certain freedom of interpretation to better express what the writing suggests.
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